The Amazing OCEAN GALLERY - WORLD CENTER on Ocean City, Maryland's boardwalk is an incredible original work of art itself! Fine Art as entertainment ... a philosophy that works for the time we live in.
This is the Fascinating OCEAN GALLERY
Ocean Gallery

Boardwalk and 2ND Street - Ocean City, MD

An Ocean City, Maryland BOARDWALK LANDMARK.
Fascination! The magic of Ocean Gallery.... is .... people! Diversified personalities
bonded together by an energy.
mystique - a distinctive uniqueness -
enticing, inviting, drawing one to be a part of something truly special!

Fascination - Respect, even awe!
Touching hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, one little gallery out of thousands reaches out nationally, internationally!
AP, CNN, NewsWeek, USA Today, Voice of America
... it is totally incredible!!!
A personality that is enjoyed. A spirit and philosophy -
Art is Life and Life is Art!
Fine Art as entertainment ... a philosophy that works for the time we live in and into the years 2000 plus ??? Modern approach to realistic feelings about art - appreciation, enjoyment, true excitement about ART!!!
One man - A Pioneer - A Leader with a Simple Philosophy - Fine Art is FUN!!!
A new concept of Fine Art that fits the 1990's and beyond!
(And he's been doing this for 28 years!)
Presenting Fine Art as Entertainment - The P. T. Barnum of Fine Art, barker for top models or greeting international guests - in person - in a tuxedo! Adding or repairing antique ornaments on the building - dumping the trash -
Joe Kro-Art is there!! AND NOW! The inside story! HISTORY OF OCEAN GALLERY - by Son Joey Kroart

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